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A series of trails scattered throughout each sector of the farm gives access to different environments, such as: dry forests, flooded forests, savannahs, fields and swamps, providing the opportunity to sighting all kinds of native fauna of the Pantanal. You can choose to do them before or after coffee, or even at dusk (with the exception of those that interfere with observation areas as the waterholes.


Around the lodge, there are bodies of water and marshes where the morning activity of birds, caimans, and other animals, encourages one to wake up and watch the sun rising outdoors.

Sunset in Pantanal
Trail in floodble forest


The habits of the Pantanal fauna can be observed discreetly during the afternoon, in blind shelters with a view to waterholes and marshes that, during the dry season, are frequented by tapirs, anteaters, deer, coatis and many other mammals, as well as several medium-sized birds.


At dusk, several species of animals begin their activities, observed by the guests on nocturnal safaris on appropriate vehicles, before and after dinner, along the access road and other routes in transit conditions. With the help of powerful flashlights, you can see caimans, capybaras, deer, foxes, tapirs, anteaters, felines and others.


Horseback riding on docile and easy-to-handle animals allows guests to have a view high enough to see great distances in the fields of the Pantanal plain, as well as traversing stretches inaccessible to other means of transport.


The canoe trip is scheduled in advance for a visit to the partner Rio Clarinho Lodge, by the Claro River, which during the dry season attracts varied fauna in search of food, also giving chance to a fun piranha fishing.


Giant Anteater
Horseback ride

Passarela Trail, next to the lodge, in a series of footbridges through marshes, with endemic plants and waterfowl.

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