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Wildlife and Biodiversity

According to Embrapa, in Pantanal there are 582 species of birds (Nunes, 2011), 152 mammals (Tomas et al., 2011), 127 reptiles (Strussmann et al., 2007), 44 amphibians (Strussmann et al., 2007) , 269 fish (Britski et al., 2007) and a large number of little known invertebrates.
Hundreds of plant species of the Pantanal are represented in the varied phytophysiognomies found in the large preserved area of Pouso Alegre Lodge.
Their occurrence is duly recorded in our lists of plant and animal species.

It is a pleasure to share with you the privilege of contact with Nature in this true ecological paradise, with its native forests of the Pantanal, inhabited by an exuberant wildlife.

Welcome to our gateway to PANTANAL.

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Preservation and Research

We work on planting more than 70 species of native flora , planting seeds, collected on the farm, in places of pioneer vegetation, favoring their formation and enriching the food supply to the fauna. Special attention is given to the manduvi, a tree whose hollows make it a favorite of the Hyacinth Macaws for nesting.

Since 1998 a research work on herpetofauna and amphibians has been developed, in contact with academic researchers, besides the classification and registration of the plants in the farm area, always learning more about the biodiversity of the Pantanal.

The Lodge

Every year, photographers, naturalists and nature lovers from all over the world stay at Pouso Alegre Lodge to enjoy the wonders of the Pantanal in an authentic farm environment, immersion in the pantaneiro lifestyle.

The lodge now has 24 apartments with AC, fan, shelves, table / chair, bathrooms with hot shower.

Location and Mapping

Pouso Alegre is fully geo-referenced and uses satellite imagery to study and implement new trails to access key points in forests, savannas, and swamps for Pantanal fauna observation.

Mapa da Fazenda

Come and enjoy the Retirinho Oxbow surrounded by pristine Pantanal forests

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